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Info for professionals only:
Address: Dipartimento delle Entrate - Viale Ostiense 131 L, 00154 ROMA
E-mail: contributosoggiorno@comune.roma.it

If you have login problems:
- For individuals, please call +39 060606;
- For corporate bodies please call +39 06 67102659/4088.
Info: www.turismoroma.it/news/contributo-di-soggiorno?lang=en


Rates per person:

Accommodation facility          Rate per night                  Max. number of nights

      1,2-Star Hotels


       3-Star Hotels

       4-Star Hotels

       5-Star Hotels

3 Euros


4 Euros

6 Euros

7 Euros

Bed and breakfasts,  Rented Rooms, Holiday Homes and Holiday Apartments 3.5 Euros 10
Farmhouse Accommodation and  Residences 4 Euros 10
Open air facilities, camping grounds and areas equipped for temporary stops 2 Euros 5


Roma Capitale authority has decided on tourist accommodation tax payments due from the guests of hotels, holiday homes, rented rooms establishments, bed & breakfasts and camping grounds in Rome (this measure does not apply to hostels). The tourist accommodation tax is due for each night spent in Rome’s accommodation facilities.

Regulation on the Rome city tax, approved on March 30th 2018, has introduced important innovations. Tourists staying in private apartment are required to pay a daily contribution of € 3.50 per person. The fee applies only for the first 10 day

How to pay? You can pay cash or by card, at the end of your stay, directly on site. You will be given a personal receipt. The overnight accommodation tax is applicable up to a maximum of 10 consecutive nights within one solar year, provided that you spend the nights at the same accommodation facility. The payment is due for a maximum of 5 nights for the guests of camping grounds, open air facilities and areas equipped for temporary stops.

Exemptions. Persons who are residents of Rome, children up to age 10, all who accompany patients for health reasons, members of the State police force and the other armed forces, and one coach driver and one tour leader/tourist guide for every 25 group members.

If you require further information, please call +39 060606.

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