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Telephone: Numero Verde 800.810.810
Telephone: +39 06 89919109 dall'estero o da cellulare

Opening times

Every day from Monday to Friday h 9.00 am - 07.00 pm; on Saturday h 9.00 am - 01.00 pm


Superabile is an "Integrated Contact Center" that consists mainly  of Portal containing  information and documentation on disability issues, updated daily (Superabile.it),  and a free telephone consultation service,  Call Center SuperAbile 800.810.810.

Actions and events widespread throughout the territory, along with virtual animation of multimedia channels of web radio / TV and social network complete service  and opportunities for the  users.

The  aim of SuperAbile  is to provide a service that follows disability-related events  and is  in tune with ideas and needs  of portal users . For this purpose we invite our readers to communicate with us on any suggestion, issue or concern they may have.

Calls from mobile phones or from foreign countries are not free but anyway in both cases, it is possible to contact the Call Center on the number +39 06 45539607

The Call Center SuperAbile is organized as a listening, counseling, information and consultancy center addressed to the injured at work, people suffering from occupational diseases, people with disabilities in general, their families, INAIL staff, field operators interested in topics related to disability, but also in general to any citizen who needs information about disability.
 The first information you receive when dialing the toll-free number is timetable and working days of Service, a welcome message and a brief presentation of the Service.
Peer counseling, continuous training and an updated data base guarantee to anyone reliable answers in real time. 

Aids and prostheses, rehabilitation and technical aids for mobility and autonomy, integration and job reinsertion, architectural barriers and automation design, laws and regulations, traveling in Italy and abroad, sports and leisure, right to study and school integration , personal care and social and health integration: all this wealth of information and specific competence characterize the operators of SuperAbile Service, supported by hundreds of hours of training and retraining. The same themes are the subjects of an ongoing «on the job» training both for the operators and the experts.

The consultancy is available also in foreign languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Romanian.


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