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Religious Institutes provide accommodation for single visitors or groups. They are managed by non-profit public institutions, associations or religious organizations for the achievement of social, cultural, charitable, religious, or sports goals and targets, as well as by other organizations or companies for the lodging of their employees and their families, and therefore operate outside the usual channels of trade and promotion.

1. Villa Santa Emerenziana

Address: Via Sappada, 15
Telephone: 0039 06 35511314

2. Villa Serena Santa Maria

Address: Via della Pisana, 321
Telephone: 0039 06 66152355

3. Villaggio San Giuseppe

Address: Via di Selva Candida, 671
Telephone: 0039 06 3090284

4. Villino Noel

Address: Via Andrea Doria, 42

5. Y.W.C.A. - U.C.D.G. ONLUS

Address: Via Cesare Balbo, 4
Telephone: 06 488 0460