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Holiday apartments are furnished tourist apartments for rent, directly let by private owners, for a period of no less than three days and no more than three consecutive months, and without the supply of any additional service as well as the administration of food and beverage.

1. Holiday Pietralata

Address: Via Angelo Sismonda, 5

2. Holiday Prat

Address: Via Gaspare Finali, 6

3. Holidaymonti

Address: Via Urbana, 133

4. Holidays banchi vecchi

Address: Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 112
Mobile phone: 344 177 2477

5. Holidays Giulio Cesar

Address: Salita di Sant'Onofrio, 21

6. Holidays Governo Vecchio

Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 14

7. Holidays Home Villa Pamphili

Address: Via Clelia Garofolini, 11

8. Holidays in Rome

Address: Via Volterra, 18

9. Holidays jeans

Address: Via della Giuliana, 38

10. Holidays Turati/Valle Aurelia/Minni/Top Vacation/Capo le Case

Address: Via Filippo Turati, 76 - Via G.de Vecchi Pieralice, 5 - Via Cardinal Agliardi, 16 - Via di Monte Giordano, 13 - Via di Capo Le Case, 12