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A Bed & Breakfast is a family-run home with no more than three rooms that accommodate guests and provide breakfast, but no additional services. This service is provided on an intermittent (short-term or seasonal) basis, with a break of at least sixty days (not necessarily consecutive days); in any case, lodging cannot exceed a maximum of ninety days.

1. Villa Lucia

Address: Via Pomponia Grecina, 6


Address: Via Edgardo Negri, 25

3. Villa Myriam B&B

Address: Via dei Gonzaga, 159
Telephone: 06 66155666
Web site: www.roma-bandb.it

4. Villa Ricotti Accomodation

Address: Viale XXI Aprile, 30

5. Villa Rome B&B

Address: Via di Casal del Marmo, 79
Telephone: 06 30819395
Mobile phone: 339 5808972
Web site: www.villarome.it

6. Villa Wurth al Gianicolo

Address: Via Dandolo, 75

7. Villino Corbelli B&B

Address: Viale Tirreno, 176
Mobile phone: 346 0520571

8. Villino Elda

Address: Via Auconi, 22
Mobile phone: 328 3046812

9. Vittoria Suite

Address: Via Vittoria, 10
Mobile phone: 329 9164590

10. Vivere il cuore di Roma Bed & Breakfast

Address: Via degli Zingari, 55
Telephone: 064881415
Mobile phone: 3487633639